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Boss Hunt

Game Design: Project 2

Table of Contents

Team Credits:

Justin Snell



Objective: Defeat the “Boss Cards” before your opponent.

Materials: 52 deck of playing cards, Pen & Paper (optional).

Players: 2


Step One: Remove all the face cards from Hearts and Diamonds and set aside.

Step Two: Take each suit and place them in J,Q,K order in front of each player.

Step Three: Pile all number cards (including aces as 1), jokers, and the remaining face cards (spades and clubs) in a deck in-between the players. Shuffle well.

Scoring the game:

The face cards (bosses) all have different health points (HP) J = 10, Q = 25, K = 40. Each number card represents a damage counter you may add to one boss card, these damage counters (DMG) cannot carry over to another boss. You must add up enough damage counters to equal the exact boss’ total HP.

Playing the game: 

After deciding who goes first, the player will draw from the deck of number cards and decide which boss to place that damage counter onto. Once they place it this will end their turn and the other player may draw from the number pile and do the same.


This goes back and forth with each player only playing one damage card per turn. Each player must play enough DMG to add up to their boss’ remaining HP in order to destroy it. When one of the bosses is defeated, permanently set it aside and shuffle the damage cards back in the deck (it can be a quick shuffle). If it’s a small amount of cards you can choose to shove them randomly into the deck as opposed to shuffling. If a player cannot play a damage card (exceeds number needed to defeat boss) it will go into a discard pile next to the number pile and be shuffled back in next time a boss is defeated.


When a player draws a joker, it allow the player to steal one damage card off any one of the opponents bosses and place it onto one of their own. The joker card is then permanently discarded and set aside for the remainder of the game.


When a player draws one of the black suits of face cards, they can use this to replace one of the opponents defeated bosses. If the opponent has no currently defeated bosses, the face card can be used to reset one of the bosses HP setting it back to full health and discarding all DMG. Once a club or spades boss is defeated it is permanently set aside along with any boss it may have replaced and the damage cards are reshuffled into the deck along with any in the discard pile.

Winning the game: The first player to defeat all boss cards on their side wins the game.

Downloadable Rule Sheet



Game Setup


During Play


Gameplay Video

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