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Game Design Workshop

Two Semester Course

Two Semester Course

Monster Wilds

A game about exploration, monsters, and one blob with the responsibility of saving their species.

Monster Wilds is what I would call the first full fledged game that I've both worked on and released. Over the course of 8 months as game producer I have helped push this project to the finish line at the end of this two semester course. Taking on tasks of programming, game design, environmental modeling, level design, and project production I surely got a load of experience that will help me greatly in future projects. 

Over the course of development we encountered numerous obstacles and overcame a great deal of them by using critical thinking and applying our learnings in design and general gaming experience to solve these issues as they came up. One of the most major design problems we ran into was our Inventory system. 

In the game you play as a monster that has the ability to steal other monsters abilities and use them at your will during turn-based battles. The inventory is a big part of learning about monster abilities and equipping them and we ran into quite a few flaws in our previous system. Together with my lead programmers and creative director we workshopped all sorts of new ideas and mechanisms until finally coming to a very well optimized Inventory system for the purposes of our game.

As far as the miscellaneous work I did on the project I made a few models for the first level of the game as well as built out nearly the entire level in Unreal, I also built out about half of the other two levels in our game with the creative director taking on the rest of that aspect of the project. I also employed many level design techniques when building the second and third levels of our game as they went a little bit off course of their original design. I had learned Unreal blueprints in order to program the entire tutorial system as well as the whole NPC system. Another part I programmed was the level transitions and transitions between levels. 

Primarily my tasks were to help the project overall in any aspect we needed more work done and to maintain course of the game within a reasonable scope. I created and assigned the weekly tasks as well as ensuring proper communication between divisions of the team so the work can all be transitioned easily from the first to the last person in the line of production. Toward the end of the project my job ended up being more of finalizing many aspects of the game and ensuring that everything in-engine was ready to go to be at a point we were satisfied with for the final deadline. Managing scope along the way proved to be the most challenging aspect of producing this big of a team. 11 people was a lot to keep track of for me as this was essentially my first big project not to mention the other classes I was taking on at the time. All in all I think everything I learned throughout this experience was truly worth the effort and the game we ended up with is something I'm proud to call my first major student project.

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