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DIG 3727C - Level Design

Vignette Assignment

Task: Setup a blocked out cinematic scene in Unreal Engine 


Whitebox Assignment #1

Task: Create a simple whitebox for a themed level (Subway Station) to demonstrate level layout capabilities.


Blueprints Assignment

Task: Create a simple level using moving platforms and locked doors to demonstrate understanding of UE4 Blueprints.


Whitebox Assignment #2

Task: Create a level with multiple enemy encounters and custom blueprint interactions throughout the level.


Level Design Map Assignment

Task: Create a level for an existing game (Fallout: New Vegas) and make the outline, mood board, and level layout/map design for the entire level.

Vault #7 Level Outline

Deep under the ground on the outskirts of New Vegas lies vault lucky number 7. In fallout most vaults often contain some sort of intended experiment or observation to be had on the residents in the vault. The purpose of this vault, vault 7, is that reminiscent of a social experiment of the effects on a small community in captivity with an isolated economy and legalized gambling. Each family upon arrival was given an amount of money to last themselves in the vault with the goal being to enjoy what was supposed to be a trip to a casino hotel designed to wait out the war above ground. The recipients of vault 7 end up meeting an unfortunate fate, where our level takes place is hundreds of years later when our player stumbles upon the vault.

The player will enter the vault at the main gate entrance and immediately come upon a woman dressed in wasteland gear. She’ll explain to the player that her husband has been locked up somewhere in the vault by the protectrons that roam the vault. Their purpose is to ensure fair gambling practices by all the residents of Vault 7. She refuses to go into detail as to why her and her husband made their way into this vault. However upon delving further into the vault the player notices a path has been blockaded, they will then have to travel around to the residential quarter of the vault and search for a key. Upon finding themselves at the end of their path they will be met by a locked door leading into the Jail section of the vault, where the citizen mentioned by the quest giver in the beginning is. 

Almost immediately upon redirection from the obstacle when entering the vault they’ll come across a supply closet which holds the key to the Jail the husband is being kept in. They will encounter a few puzzle locked doors in which they’ll have to do a simple computer hacking puzzle to enter. On the search for the missing husband the player will encounter a handful of hostile protectrons and radroaches that have taken over sections of the vault. They will find quite a lot of loot along the way and hopefully be distracted the first casino where they will find the key to the second casino deeper in the vault, with the second vault containing a legendary weapon. Throughout the residential quarter environmental storytelling will further explain the fate of this vaults previous residents. The golden path will take the player right by all these optional experiences with the hope, but not requirement, that they choose to experience them. 


Arted Level Assignment

Task: Build a level with three separate enemy interactions and at least two separate spaces using any of the approved art asset packs. 

Screenshot 2021-12-07 105012.png
Screenshot 2021-12-07 105135.png

Arted Level Outline

High Concept: The player takes the role of a soldier that was on a mission to clear out any remaining infected individuals in the area. Walking in to clear the next room they find themselves teleported to a place trapped in a time long ago from the present. They’ve been teleported into a medieval chamber of some sort but the mission remains the same. Clear all infected persons and get out, however the getting out part has gotten a lot more difficult.


Story: The main character is a soldier of an elite task force designated to clearing out any individuals infected by a virus that has rampaged across all of humanity everywhere. The disease affects 2 in 3 people and is highly contagious when in close contact, it alters the infected persons brain to the point that they become feral. After decades of attempting to find a cure, the government created a task force designed to rid the world of this degenerative disease. The feral infected have managed to form militias of their own and begin forming their own colonies. As the soldier has gone on their mission to clear out one of these colonies, some sort of teleportation technology has made their mission a lot more difficult. The infected have also somehow found their way through this portal before you and have taken a liking to their new medieval home. Clearing out infected is part of your job, finding the way out will be the real challenge.


Gameplay: The player starts in an area familiar to them, chasing down infected (encounter 1) when they are suddenly teleported to the medieval world upon entering the next room. The Dungeon they are teleported to starts with a long hallway with a well lit room at the end of the corridor. As they travel the hallway infected enemies are seen locked in rooms all along the hall (encounter 2). Once the player enters the room at the end of the hallway they can see three separate hallways, but not what’s down either of them. Upon entering one a gate will close behind them, the hallway the player enters will determine the ending of the level. Once they walk through the dark hallway they can see another room at the end consisting of a group of infected (encounter 3), some rooms will have a portal being guarded by the infected that takes the player back home while the other path will lead them to a room full of an overwhelming amount of infected, killing the player and ending the level.

There will be a mechanic based off of the infection part of the story where the player will have a meter that goes up whenever the player is in too close of proximity to an infected. When the meter reaches the top the player will become infected and lose the level.

Screenshot 2021-12-07 105108.png
Screenshot 2021-12-07 105212.png
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