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DIG4713 - Game Design

Course Description: I completed multiple projects revolving around general game design principles. All of which were non electronic in order to give the designers a proper understanding of the fundamentals without initially applying them to video game technology.
My Role: I was one of two on my teams to do most of the legwork in actually building and testing the projects while others handled the conceptualization and fine-tuning of mechanics.

DIG4715 - Game Production

Course Description: As groups we completed many different video game projects, some of which involved recreating a classic arcade video game to completely original ideas with some minor restrictions in place.
My Role: In most projects I was a 3D Artist and programmer but in the final project I took on the role of producer and helped organize and assign the team their tasks to help bring the project to the point ready for submission as well as working on tech-art and programming.

DIG4725 - Game Design Workshop 

Course Description: Consisting of much larger development teams who are expected to make a fully fledged vertical slice of an original game idea all the way from conception to completion. Part one of a two semester long project.
My Role: On this team of 11 total students I maintained the role of producer but on a much larger scale of more than double my previous team size. I managed the day to day and weekly tasks of everybody on the team and all future assigned tasks. We would perform standup meetings weekly and personal meetings to maximize an individuals efficiency when necessary. The creative director and I led the team through the development of our project until the vertical slice was complete and helped plan for the next semester. I also performed many game design tasks in relation to the project as well as programming some of the systems.
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