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Welcome to my portfolio! I'm Justin Snell and I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Digital Media. I am extremely passionate in all things art & design. As my portfolio will reflect I have done work in quite a few different areas and am always looking to broaden my creative horizons. I think my strongest skill is my resourcefulness, I can be given any project and materials and I will make it work. I am confident in my ability to learn new creative outlets and apply them to different projects to successfully complete the task at hand.

Show Set Creation

There are a few projects I have worked on by installing props and decorations per the show set designs given to me and in many cases creating entire pieces. Prop creation becomes part of the job when working with show sets in the field of themed experience. 


 Game Design

I have worked on several projects in multiple different capacities. While Producer/Designer has been my primary role I also am proficient in Programming, 3D Environmental and Prop Art.

3D Modeling

My favorite form of Art has to be 3D. I have a great capability of thinking artistically in the third dimension and have been able to adapt to multiple modeling programs including Maya and Fusion360 with ease.



Photography has been a hobby of mine for a while and particularly on film cameras. I've shot people, environments and architecture.

Video Editing

I have over 5 years of video editing experience in all sorts of fields, most of which has been over YouTube as you can see in my portfolio here. However, this doesn't begin to capture my range and capabilities as an editor.

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