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Game Design Projects

This is a catalog of just some of the games I've worked on and designed in the past. Some projects I worked entirely as one role but for most projects I've done a slew of tasks on these teams. From programming entire game systems to building the entire game in engine with provided assets.

MonsterWildsSquareBanners (3).png

My capstone project, built over the course of 8 months I held the role of producer and designer. I had the responsibility of ensuring everybody on the 11 person team had an aptitude of tasks for each week that helped ensure successful completion of the project and it's milestones. As producer I would work with the team members to give them feedback on their submissions as well as helping them solve any problems that would arise with either art or programming. For this project there were entire game systems that I built, for example the tutorial. I also did a majority of the world building in this game that really brought the 3 playable levels we have together. One of the main roles my creative director and I had was working with the artists and programmers to design the game systems that pulled our whole project together. It was our job to ensure that all the systems worked in harmony and were balanced properly to stay true to our creative vision of the game from beginning to end. 


This was a quick project that my team and I made over a couple weeks. I did the entirety of the world building, programming, technical art and design for the entire game. It was a really fun little horror project to work on and turned out pretty great given the small amount of time we worked on it.


On this project I served as producer, designer, 3D environment artist as well as helping out with some of the programming. In early stages of production I had a big hand in gathering everybody's ideas and desires for the project and building them into one cohesive design for our game. I spent a lot of time in engine and was very hands-on with the project in the final hours.


My first game project was this simple demo. I worked as an environment and prop artist on this project as well as assisted with level design. In the time of crunch with this project I was able to assist with programming and AI design to ensure proper completion.

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