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3D Modeling

These are some of my favorite 3D modeling projects that I have worked on. I've made all sorts of objects like environment and props for video games and objects intended for real world use via 3D printing. 

Mechanical Keyboard

I made this keyboard in Fusion360 and had to have the plate built to the exact dimensions and cut out so I created a technical drawing to have the proper dimensions so it could be cut out with CNC. The case was 3D printed to create a master for resin pouring the final version of the case.

This project was 3D modeled and sculpted by me in Maya then 3D printed and built up with other materials then painted to complete the prop for usage at the E.T. Adventure Ride at Universal.

E.T. Tree Trunk

Outdoor Kitchen Counter

I had created this outdoor kitchen counter for my patio. The framing was all measured out from a to scale model I created in Fusion360. I made the frame in 3D first to be able to create a cut list and ensure I had proper measurements to fit things such as my propane tank, pizza oven and mini fridge in the compartments. The framing is extremely sturdy and built to construction code standards.

This was a project in my undergraduate studies that combined modeling, sculpting and texturing to have a completed model ready for usage in game engines. I had made high and low poly versions for different use cases. This cannon was built to scale off of design drawings provided.

Cannon Project

Miscellaneous Projects